Elevator Inspection Services & Violations Removal

Don't risk violating state or city codes.  Warren Elevator performs elevator inspections including Category 1 and Category 5 tests to ensure your building's full compliance.  Our team understands and stays up to date on the latest laws and regulations so that you can be confident that your elevator is New York/New Jersey State code compliant.  

We conduct passenger, freight and sidewalk elevator inspections.  As part of our elevator inspection services we examine all mechanical and electrical equipment including, but not limited to:
  • Hoistways
  • Hoistway entrances
  • Hoistway door vision panels, locking devices, parking devices and access
  • Cab doors and gates
  • Cab lighting
  • Terminal stopping devices
  • Operating devices and control equipment
  • Brake control
  • Signal systems
  • Emergency signaling devices

Ensure Elevator Compliance and Avoid Violations

By utilizing our elevator inspection services you can avoid elevator violations and costly penalties, satisfy insurance requirements and minimize liability.  Our reliable, accurate inspection reports identify any deficiencies. Once identified, our mechanics can correct any violations quickly.

Call us today at (718) 389-1234 for a free estimate, consultation and more information about our elevator inspection and violations removal services.  We look forward to hearing from you.